Meet the Teachers

The Tutoring Teachers are all BC Certified teachers who have a variety of backgrounds.

Sara Pic

Sara —

  • Bachelor of Science (2005), Bachelor of Education (2010)
  • Sara has worked in industry as a biologist (Microbiologist and Embryologist) as well as having done some acting.
  • Sara ran for a seat on Maple Ridge Council in 2014, placing seventh among 29 candidates, just missing a seat!
  • Works with at-risk youth at a school in Abbotsford and also teaches night school Biology 12.
  • Experience teaching Math, Biology, Chemistry, Jr Science.
  • BC Teacher’s Certificate in secondary Math and Science, 2010
  • Co-Founder of The Tutoring Teachers, 2015
  • Testimonials about Sara
Teen100_0018a —

  • Bachelor’s of Science Astronomy/Physics, 1990
  • BC Teacher’s Certificate in Math and Science, 1992.
  • Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership, 2000
  • NASA Astrophysical Educator Ambassador, 2001 to 2015
  • Taught Math and Science at a BC off-shore school in China, 2010-2011
  • Teaching secondary Science and Math in Coquitlam, 1992 to present
  • Private Pilot, currently
  • Co-Founder of The Tutoring Teachers, 2015
  • Testimonials about Teena
Philip B —

  • Eng, SS, EAL, Math 9, Sc 9, Elementary; Maple Ridge to Port Moody

Philip is an extraordinary English teacher in the Coquitlam School District. As a tutor Philip is happy to tutor English, Social Studies, EAL, Math 9, Science 9, and elementary.

Daniel W — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caDan Wiebe picture

  • Info Tech, Eng, Math K-10; Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam

Daniel has been teaching for over 20 years in the Coquitlam School District and overseas. He has taught at both the high school and middle school level, in a variety of subject areas. Currently he is teaching Math, Science, Social Studies and English at Minnekhada Middle School, and in the past he has taught Information Technology at both the high school and middle school level. Daniel has also taught overseas on two occasions, one year in Indonesia and more recently, two years in Morocco. He is pleased to join The Tutoring Teachers this year.

Jenny H — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caJennifer Hosford picture

  • EAL; Maple Ridge to Coquitlam

Jenny grew up in Kenya, East Africa, and completed her education in the United Kingdom. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in English and History and later obtained her teaching certificate in South Africa. She has taught in the UK, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Greece. Jenny immigrated to Canada 22 years ago, taught high school and adult education, and recently retired from SD#42. She has taught ESL to students from many different countries and is very adept at modifying material to suit their level and cultural needs. She looks forward to offering her skills to The Tutoring Teachers.

Jennifer M — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caJ Madoc-Jones galapagos

  • Chemistry, Science, Math; Port Coquitlam to Port Moody

Jennifer has 26 years experience teaching Senior Chemistry, Junior Science and Math in Coquitlam. She completed a BSc (Hon) in Biochemistry from UBC (her thesis involved transforming Radioactive Testosterone to Estrogens using Human Placental Mitochondria.) Jennifer’s career as a high school Science teacher began in the small town of Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast in 1973 and is where she started her family as well. She moved to Coquitlam in the mid ’80’s and began teaching at Centennial High School in 1988. Since retiring from SD43 in 2014 Jennifer has traveled to some of her bucket list destinations… Peru, Ecuador, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Maritimes. She also currently volunteers nurturing baby salmon at Mossom Creek and recently started assisting ESL with Immigrant Services. Jennifer is really looking forward to helping students achieve their best through The Tutoring Teachers.

Alnoor J — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caAl

  • Secondary French; Tri-Cities

Alnoor is a very fluent and experienced
French Immersion secondary teacher. He was born in French West Africa, and grew up speaking French. He has been involved with French Immersion in British Columbia for over 35 years: designing, teaching, training, and mentoring. If your teenager needs help with French, Alnoor is the tutor for you!

Denise G — Denise G

  • Math 8-10, Sc 8-10, Phys 11, Chem 11; Port Coquitlam to Burnaby

Denise attended SFU for her undergraduate degree. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, minoring in Gerantology with a Health and Fitness Certificate. After working in health care for several years she made the wise choice to become a teacher, attending UBC. She graduated with a Bachelor of Education in Middle Years with a Junior High Science specialty. Since then she has worked as a TOC in N Vancouver and China teaching Math 10, Science 10, Planning 10, Chemistry 11 and Physics 11. She recently returned from Qatar where she taught Grade 8/9 Math, Science, PE and IT.

Travis M — Travis Mendgen photo

  • English and middle school; Coquitlam to Burnaby

Travis is a middle/secondary school teacher who believes in connecting with students to build working relationships which edify individuals, acknowledging their unique needs and goals. Taking the egalitarian approach of a supportive facilitator, rather than an omniscient dictator, has yielded many positive results, due to his rapport-building, adaptability, and problem-solving skills, Performing as a stand-up comedian on the side, humour is a key element of his teaching style which helps to relieve students of anxiety. Travis plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Special Education next year, with the desire to build skill sets that will be applicable to all future students he will encounter. Having worked previously in a youth correctional facility, an alternate school and an adolescent treatment centre, Travis is enthusiastic about working with all youth!

Ailie F — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caIMG_1964

  • Math 9-11, Phys 11, Sc 9/10, Chem 11/12, Bio 11/12

Ailie grew up in Abbotsford BC and completed her BSc at UFV with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. She completed her BEd at SFU the following year and focused in Designs for Learning in Math and Science. Ailie really grew a passion for teaching Math and Science through hands on applications. She believes learning through our experiences and environment can really solidify an idea and the reasons for learning a topic. As a teacher her favourite times are ones where she sees her students having those “ah ha” moments, when they truly understand their learning. This is Ailie’s hope and goal as a tutor as well!

Jeff C  — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caJeff Cornwall

  • Math and Physics; Port Coqutilam and Coquitlam

Jeff is a creative, hard-working teacher as well as a championship field lacrosse player. He thoroughly enjoys Math and inspires his students as a result. He is easy-going, but very motivational at the same time. Students respond to his teaching style with enthusiasm.

 Graham B —

  • Math; Port Coquitlam to East Van

Graham is an excellent math teacher who has signed on to tutor students in the areas from PoCo to East Van. If you are in need of help with math Graham is a great choice!

Dinah P  — Booking@TutoringTeachers.cafullsizerender

  • Jr Science, Chem 11, Phys 11, Math 11; Mission and Maple Ridge

Dinah attended SFU and completed a B.Sc. (2004), M.Sc. in Chemistry (2007), and a B.Ed. (2008). She has always had a passion for teaching – taking complex concepts and putting them in a way that students can understand. During her graduate studies she gained experience as a lab instructor for first year Chemistry courses, and as a teaching asistant for first to third year Chemistry at SFU. She loved making science relavent and exciting for students. Dinah began teaching high school Science in Abbotsford, and also taught high school Math at summer school, and ESL for exchange students during the summer.

Shirin K  — Booking@TutoringTeachers.cashirin-picture

  •  Spanish, SS, Elementary Science, Math K-9, Eng/EAL; Pitt Meadows to West Van

Shirin is an elementary school teacher who has grown up in Coquitlam. She completed her B.A. and B.Ed at UBC, specializing in the International Baccalaureate program. An introverted student herself, Shirin believes that safe and welcoming learning environments are key to helping students take risks to further their learning. Her absolute favourite moments as a teacher are the ones where children are excited to talk to her about their non-academic lives and just share their joys, successes and concerns. Shirin looks forward to fostering relationships as a tutor to reach all learning styles.

Alicia  —

  • English K-12, Elementary; Port Moody and Coquitlam
Angela I  —  photo-2016-05-21

  • Elementary, Secondary Eng, SS, Hist, Sc 9-10, Bio 11; Mission to Pitt Meadows

Angela completed her BSc. in biopsychology at UBC and her teaching degree at the University of Auckland. She has taught students at the pre-school, elementary, and secondary levels. As part of a Post Baccalaureate Diploma, Angela has taken courses in learning disabilities, autism, special needs, and early childhood education. She is currently working on her Master’s degree in Teaching English as an Additional Language at SFU. Angela is also a volunteer at Immigrant Services Society of BC and loves to work with students from all over the world. She is dedicated to helping you, or your child, succeed in learning.

Joel B  — Booking@TutoringTeachers.cajoel-picture

  • Math, Science, English, EAL, French, Social Sciences; Maple Ridge to Burnaby

Joel is a certified teacher with 3 years experience teaching in BC. He received his B.Ed in 2014 from UBC, specializing in elementary and core French. He also has a Bachelor of Arts from UFV, majoring in psychology. He also has several years working as a special education assistant and has been tutoring off and on for 10+ years. Joel has a very patient and calm personality with the ability to relate information to students in ways that make sense to them. He is a life long learner who’s always excited to expand his knowledge base and is happy to play a part in that journey for others.

Renata W  — Booking@TutoringTeachers.caren-iv

  • EAL, Elementary/Middle (Math to grade 5), Eng, SS; Pitt Meadows to Port Moody

Renata is an elementary school teacher by day and tutor by night. She has tutored students from elementary to university level. Previous clients have included: student wanting challenge opportunities, both elementary and high school students requiring language support (strengthening reading, writing, and oral skills), and university level students needing essay writing support. Her approach to teaching and tutoring involves building skills as well as confidence. As a Resource Teacher for the past 5 years, she has worked extensively on strengthening the writing and reading skills of students, many of whom were still learning English. As well, she has helped elementary students strengthen their math skills. This job also involved working with children with Learning Disabilities and with Special Needs. Renata holds her B.A. in History and Canadian Studies, her B.Ed and her Masters of Education degrees. She looks forward to helping students feel and be successful.

 Senny F —

  • Physics and Math; PoCo to PoMo
 Susan K —

  • Math 9 to Calculus 12; PoCo to PoMo

Susan grew up in Coquitlam, graduating with dual degree of Mathematics
and Education from the University of British Columbia. She then taught
math at a private school for 3 years. Since then, she has been working
as a TOC in Coquitlam School District. Susan is passionate about
student success and when Susan is not teaching, she enjoys travelling
and playing badminton.