Coursework Helpers:

Provincial Exams – – This is the BC Education website where you can find out all about the provincial exams and do some practice ones – one of the best ways to study! Even though the Province has stopped administering exams, teachers may still use them!

BC Math 10 Proficiency Exam sample: – both grade 10s and 11s will be needing to complete this exam this year.

Science 10 Detailed Review – Science10 Guide – This guide will help you study the BC Science 10 topics.

Khan Academy – – This well known website has video lessons and practice for many different subjects.

Math Is Fun – – This is a great website with easy-to-understand lessons, practice questions, puzzles, and games.

Math 12 – – This website seems to be a good one, with video links, for Math 12 Pre-calculus.

Sara Beckett’s Webpage – – Sara, a co-founder of The Tutoring Teachers, has some great information for Biology 12, Math 11 Foundations, Science 10, and other courses.

Teena Della’s Webpage – Teena, a co-founder of The Tutoring Teachers, has some course specific notes and websites for Math 9/10, Math 11/12 Foundations, Earth Science 11, and Geology 12.

Online Tools:

Graphing Calculator – – A free online calculator where you simply type in the equation and the program plots the graph.

Financial Calculators – – Loan calculators, savings calculators, among others.

Study Tips:

College Info – Thomas Frank puts out weekly YouTube videos on studying, test taking techniques, etc. Most videos are between 5 and 10 minutes and contain very useful information!

A plug for others who have helped us:

Artist & – Nadia Dodd created The Tutoring Teachers logos, and did a fantastic job for a reasonable price. If you need any artistry done, check out her website!

Prevue HR – Ashley Salvador from Prevue HR Services helped us out to find the best tutors possible to ensure that your child receives the best quality of service and success!


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