Why us?

To address COVID-19 safety issues, we are now meeting online. Contact us for details.

Only Professional Teachers:

Tutors/Editors available through The Tutoring Teachers organization are BC Certified Teachers. We chose teaching as a career: we are familiar with the curriculum and how to help students learn, no matter what their learning style. We are the best qualified to help students be more successful. Please contact us. (We do have some non-teachers available, when our teachers are booked up, and charge reduced rates for these, still excellent, tutors.)

In Person or Online:

Our tutors will:

  • come to your home, if a parent will be in the residence,
  • meet your child at a library or coffee shop, or
  • do the session online via Zoom or other web-based methods.

Five Ways to Better Learning:

Each of the first five sessions with The Tutoring Teachers can begin with a short (5-10 minute) lesson to improve upon your child’s independent learning success. Please request these skill-building lessons from your tutor, if you think it would be valuable for your child.

Topics covered include:

  1. Organization – so important, but so neglected by many students.
  2. Homework Analysis – helping students focus on necessities first.
  3. Question Dissection – giving the student skills for how to effectively break down questions.
  4. Effective Studying – tailoring a study plan to suit the individual student’s needs.
  5. Taking Care of Yourself – how to and why this is so important.

For a free copy of this helpful resource, please click here: Five Ways to Better Learning

Reasonable Rates:

  • $55 + gst per hour for one student (or per hour of essay editing)
  • $35 + gst per hour per student for two students
  • $30 + gst per hour per student for three students

See the Details/Prices page for more rates (including non-teacher rates).

Convenient Ways to Pay:

Pay by cheque or etransfer (with no addtional fees) OR for your convenience you can now pay by credit card (fees apply, click on logos below):capture


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