Testimonials about Teena

Mrs. Della is a wonderful teacher! I was in her Earth Science 11 class, and I have to say that science is not one of my strongest subjects, but Mrs. Della has a particular way of teaching, that makes every topic that she teaches easy to learn and understand. Even though I had some obstacles, such as the different language, I learned everything she taught me because she uses the five senses to give us the necessary knowledge. When Mrs. Della brought food to teach us about active galaxies, it was a big surprise! Before having Mrs. Della as a teacher, I though science was so boring, but with her, my perception changed. Science had never been so fun! Thanks to Mrs. Della, and her way to teach with multimedia technology, I could learn a lot of new, efficient and complete information. Any student would be glad to have her as their teacher! – Egrisel G, Mexican exchange student

Mrs. Della is able to think and show in different ways, in case I didn’t understand the first time. She keeps learning interesting by using fun, hands on activities. Mrs. Della was the best math teacher I ever had because she was always available to help me and make sure I was well prepared for a test or exam. – Hayley M

It’s hard to find teachers who truly care about their students individually, as well as their learning outcomes. If you’re lucky, you get the chance to be taught by someone like Mrs. Della. It was always exciting learning in her class. The majority of my teachers have taught a more “text book” style type of way, where as Mrs. Della always makes sure her lessons are taught in a way that everyone can understand. She always goes out of her way to make sure the methods she uses to teach, are not only comprehendible but also enjoyable. Her passion for what she teaches inspired me to fall in love with knowledge all over again. I’m so thankful to have had her as a teacher more than once throughout my high school years. – Anais L

Mrs. Della is my favourite, and one of the most passionate, patient, and caring teacher I’ve had. She effectively teaches and relays complex science theories, even to young students like myself. – Felix Y

Mrs. Della is a very nice didactic teacher; she is attentive to her students, especially when the students don’t understand or have a specific doubt about the current subject. Personally, never have I had such good math marks before. Mrs. Della really taught me how to learn math in an easy and effective way. When I came back to my country, I was more familiarized with math, and my Brazilian grades even improved thanks to her teaching skills. – Victor S, Brazilian exchange student